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WildJungleLab 8.5x10.5 Frames by Numbers Kits- BOHO & DOGS, Display 5x7 picture, DIY Acrylic Painting Picture Frame Kit for Home Decor, Ideal gift for any occasion

2-PACK BOHO & Dogs Picture Frames - Paint by Numbers Kits

$68.99 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
  • Capture Your Memories in Style

    Boho Chic: Inspired by the free spirit of bohemian design, this frame boasts intricate patterns, natural textures, and earthy tones. It effortlessly complements your decor and adds a touch of bohemian elegance to your photos.
    Dog Days Delight: Calling all dog lovers! This frame features adorable paw prints and heartwarming dog-themed elements, making it the perfect way to display your furry friend's most special moments. Celebrate the unique bond between you and your pup in a frame that overflows with canine charm.
    Both frames utilize our fun and easy paint-by-numbers system, allowing you to personalize your decor with a creative touch.

    Premium Quality Components: We take pride in delivering excellence. Each Frames By Numbers kit is carefully curated with premium materials, including high-grade solid wood frames wrapped with primed canvas, easel back for tabletop framing, glass, artist-quality acrylic paints, brushes. The result? A masterpiece that exudes sophistication and impeccable craftsmanship.

    Product dimensions: 10.5”X8.5”X0.875”
    Shape: Rectangular
    Mounting Type: Tabletop, Wall Mount (optional)
    Frame Material: Wood, Primed Artistic Canvas
    Occasion: Birthday, Grandparents Day, Christmas, Retirement, Mother day, Wedding

    Designed and Assembled in the USA: We take immense pride in supporting American businesses and manufacturers.

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